IS Master Orientation Day

Information Systems Master Orientation Day

You can view the route as it was planned in the first place at [1]. Each waypoint is marked with a letter which corresponds to a section in this document (see the letters right of the section titles). The detailed route from the orientation day in winter-term 2010 (made available on


The European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) hosts quite a few interesting facilities.

First of all the Fachschaft - more specifically the WI-AG - is located in the basement. They will be happy to provide you with support on study specific problems, e.g. high workloads. 

Just above the WI-AG, you will find the library. It hosts many books of relevance to an information systems student. However you can only borrow books over the weekend. During the week you will have to satisfy your needs by copying them one of the many copy machines. The copy machines only accepts your Mensacard.

Next to the library, you can use the seminar-rooms for doing group-exercises. They are equipped with flexible walls to meet your requirements. In nearly every university building - even the canteens - wireless network is accessible. A reference on how to setup your Windows- or Unix-based computer in order to join the network is provided in the section about the ZIV.

On the 2nd floor you will find a computer lab. You can use these machines by providing them with your university credentials. Opening times are available at the system administrators website. No print-outs can be made with these machines. This is possible using the ZIV `Print and Pay'-Service. See the section about the ZIV for details.

York Center - C

The nearby York Center provides many facilities and shops. It basically serves all your needs. There you will find several supermarkets, ranging from low price (ALDI) to regular prices (REWE, Kaisers). The low prices are provided through a restricted selection.

Additionally you will find a pharmacy, postal office, drug-store, hair-dresser, basic clothing shop, electronics (only Saturns offers are reasonably cheap, everything else tends to be expensive), bakery and a cash-machine/ATM (provided by the Volksbank).

Jüdefelder- and Kreuzstraße - D

The Jüdefelderstraße is one of two bar-streets. The Kreuzstraße is located parallel. Here you will have the opportunity to visit many bars.

For example, in the Barzillus (Jüde) you will be served the best and cheapest Long-Island-Icetea in the area. If you are looking for some unusual beer have a look at the Gorilla Bar, who serve some beer from another region. Also you may be striving for beer brewed in Münster at the Pinkus-Brauhaus.

All in all the Jüdefelder is really useful for warming-up to move on to the active club-scene. On the other hand you can have a comfortable evening out in the Kreuzstraße.

Library (ULB) - E

Before entering any area of the library, where you can directly access the hosted books, you should lock your belongs, such as bags or jackets into of the many lockers. Be sure to carry a Two-Euro-Coin along, when you want to visit the library.

The so-called Freihandmagazin as well as the Lehrbuchsammlung allows you to borrow an unlimited amount of books from the library. Limited however is the period you can borrow them. Missing a due date will be fined by the library; see the library advice sheet, which unfortunately is written in German.

Since the ULB hosts nearly 2.5 million books, you are well advised to do research on the signatures. Without the signature it will be tough hard to find any book.

Foreign language center - G

At the foreign language center you can take the C-Test. It is necessary for submission to the courses provided by the center. You will also be able to seek guidance on your course selection.

Their website is hosted at

There is also an opportunity to attend German classes which are structured in a classical way - using course book and improving all skills (grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking). The fee is paid for one complete semester. There are currently 4 levels and the groups are much smaller then on the courses which are offered free of charge.

One can find more details in the bottom of the following website

Hüfferstift - I

The Hüfferstift hosts the student examination office. Here you can officially check whether your examination enlisting could successfully be done and see the official results. Everything published through their online systems are only unofficially correct. We do not know of any case, where someones online enlistment or mark was not displayed correctly.

It will also host the german beginners course in room R 7.

Similar to the `Mensa da Vinci' it also provides a canteen. It is located on the uppermost floor, which you can reach by foot using the stairs or the lazy elevator. You may use the terrace to enjoy your lunch in the sunshine.

Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung (ZIV) - J

During the semester there are basically three main things you can do at the ZIV. Picking up your print-outs, using one of the PCs 24/7 or getting help from the user help desk.

In order to use the first two services you will need to make sure that you have got your user credentials. As an example, John McClain would be served with the username: j_mccl01. For security reasons each user needs to have two different passwords. One main password and one for accessing the university network services, such as wireless network or VPN. If you have got any credentials yet, you can enlist at the ZIV.

`Print and Pay' allows you to print at different quality levels. Through your personal ZIV settings, you can activate this service. On that settings page you will also find the box-number. All of your print-outs will be placed inside this box, unless you printed something really big.

The PCs in the ZIV can be used 24/7, if you get yourself a ZIVintro Card. Using the PCs you can submit printing-jobs directly to the printers. You do not have to convert your documents into the PostScript-Format (PS).

Every now and then, you may encounter trouble with portable computer. The user help desk - located on the upper floor - was installed to help you with your PC-related issues. Mac-users can surely receive support, too.

Not mentioned as a main objective of the ZIV so far are the courses they provide. However this courses will be held in German. They allow you to get in touch with publishing techniques such as LaTeX or teach you how to set-up an Active Directory.

Further information on the other ZIV-services can be retrieved at

Finish: Leo18 - M

The majority of IS-master lectures are taking place in this hall.

Additional information

Registration with the city of Münster

German authorities ask you to register and deregister with them, as you move from one place to another. In Order to do that you will have to visit this office: Bürgerbüro Mitte. Ask your coordinators for further assistance regarding the forms you have got to fill out. You will get the approximate location of the registration office here.

Aplying for visa, extending your visa, getting information about similar issues - Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten

International students might find this topic interesting and useful. 1-2 weeks after registering with german authorities, foreign students should receive a notification that they have to visit the Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten in order to insure that they have a right kind of visa and that their visa is valid during their studies. This office is situated in Stadthaus 2, Ludgeriplatz 4. You need to find the information desk first in order to be sure that you have all the documents with you, then, you should fill out the necessary application form. Be prepared to speak in German, at least the most basic things, because otherwise you might have difficulties getting the right information. You should have your passport with you, a picture, proof that you are a student, health insurance policy and a proof of financial background for the period of time you plan to stay in Germany. The machine will print out a number and you have to wait in front of the exact office (the ladies on the information desk will provide you with the information you need). The whole procedure usually lasts few hours.

Find more details

Schlossgarten - H

The Schlossgarten is located just behind the castle where the student registration is taking place. Its botanic garden can be used free-of-costs; a donation at the entrance/exit of the garden is appreciated.

Especially when Münsters streets are not stressed by the many tourists during the summer, the garden serves as a perfect opportunity to retreat from everyday business. Even if many people should be around, there certainly well be a spot to escape to.


The Studentenwerk is responsible for running the canteens of the university. In the following sections a brief introduction into the two canteen- and menu-concepts is given. Further on advice on handling Mensacard deposits is provided.

Weekly menus are available at a sub-page of the Studentenwerk.

Big ones / Mensa am Ring - K

One of the two big canteens - located nearby - is the `Mensa am Ring'. You may hear people referring to it as `Ringmensa' or just say `am Ring'. On the upper floor you will be served in two lines, which serve the same menus.

Each menu includes one main dish and three side dishes. The main dishes are served on big plates, whereas the side dishes are served in small bowls.

Given the case, you are very hungry, you may want to purchase even more side dishes, you can do so by purchasing them at an extra € 0.25 each. On the other hand you are able to receive an equal discount on each side dish you do not use. In total a maximum discount of € 0.75 can be achieved.

This also applies for the `Mensa am Aasee'. However their food-stations are mixed. Menus and the buffet coexist in the same area. At the Ringmensa this is separated through the levels. Upper floor serves the menus, while on the ground level a buffet is provided.

Mensa am Aasee is opened on Saturdays at luchtime, as well.

Small ones / Mensa da Vinci - L

In the smaller canteens such as the `Mensa da Vinci' you are served by menus, too. But in this case, a menu only consists out of a main dish. Side dishes are - in most cases - charged at € 0.50 each. No discounts on the menu are possible.

As in the big canteens, all desserts served in a bowl different to those to the regular side dishes is charged at a higher rate.

Mensacard deposit

If you have not got a sufficient deposit on your Mensa card, you can be charged an additional € 0.25. This depends on the canteen and mood of the cashier. Sometimes you will get along with out any problems, sometimes they will charge you.

In order to avoid this situation, I'd recommend checking your deposit regularly. In most cases the cashier in the Mensa da Vinci are nice enough not to charge you.